Digital Pro Tools Orion 32+ Monitoring Genelec 8040a x2 Genelec 7060b SPL 2381 Preamplifiers API 3124 x2 Amek (Rupert Neve Design) DMCL BAE 1073MP Universal Audio LA-610 x2 TLAudio 2051 Audient ASP008 Outboard Distressor with British Mode x2 TC Electronic 2240 Parametric Equalizer TC Electronic G-force Drawmer DS201 Lexicon PCM70 DBX 160X DBX 160XT Chandler Tube Driver x2 + some old 80’s multi effects not in the rack (Roland, Yamaha) Microphones Neumann U87 (70’s) Neumann TLM103 x2 Neumann KM184 x2 Sennheiser MD421n x3 Milab DC96b x2 Milab VM44 Milab VM41 Milab LC25 Coles 4038 x2 Royer R121 GA R2 MkII Yamaha Subkick Shure B52 Shure B91 Shure SM57 x2 Shure SM7b AKG C414 B-ULS AKG D112 x2 AKG D3600 AKG C418 Audix D6 Beyerdynamic m201-tg PZM Realistic x2 ADK Hamburg Oktava MK012 x8 Other Radial JDI x2 Radial J48 x2 Radial X-amp Radial SGI Radial BigShot ABY Dynamount X1-r Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Mesa Boogie 2×12 v30 cab Mesa Boogie 2×10 Powerhouse bass cab Xotic Effects RC Booster Boss HM2 (japan) Boss ODB3 Boss DS1 Maxon OD8 Tech21 VTBass Digitech Whammy (1) Eventide Space Drums available on request, including Yamaha Recording custom, DW and a Ludwig Black Beauty snare.