All prices are excluding VAT!

I need name and address for the client (person or company).

If this is a EU company I need the EU-VAT number.

Clients outside the EU do not need to pay VAT in Sweden.


Album (25-60min) 6500 SEK

EP (5-25min) 4000 SEK

Single (0-5min) 2000 SEK

This includes mastering for one format and two revisions! Extra revisions are charged as below.


Additional work is charged by the half-hour (30 min) at 125 SEK.

This includes:

  • Additional revisions
  • Tuning
  • Drum editing

Additional mastering formats are 250 SEK per format.


Album (25-60min) 2000 SEK

EP (5-25min) 1500 SEK

Single (0-5min)1000 SEK

Prices include one format and unlimited revisions.

Additional formats are 250 SEK / format.

I master for CD, iTunes and Vinyl.

CD-masters delivered as DDP files and 16 bit wave files.

Vinyl masters delivered as 24bit continuous wave files for each side, with cue sheets.

iTunes masters delivered as 24bit wave files.

I’m certified for the ”Mastered for iTunes” standard. Ask me if you have any questions on this. https://www.apple.com/itunes/mastered-for-itunes/